Friday, August 5, 2011

Dafa888’s European and Asian Live Games Tournament

Following the huge success of the “Live Games Battle of the Champions” promotion last July, Asia’s best online casino, Dafa888 brings you yet another exciting tournament this August. You can now join the “European and Asian Live Games Tournament” and get a chance to win up to USD800! Attain the highest number of hands in any European or Asian live games and be part of the weekly leader boards.

Not yet clear? Well, let me explain to you the mechanics for this tournament.

1. First thing you need to do is register for the tournament battles. You can opt to register in either or both the European and Asian live games group and which tournament schedule you wish to play in (you can join in all schedules if you wish).

2. Now you can start online betting at any of the available Asian or European Live Games tables and play with our live dealers! Your main objective is to accumulate points every week.

3. To accumulate points you would have to be part of the top 10, either in the European or Asian leader board. Rankings will be based on the number of hands or games you’ve played per week. You can have better chances of being part of the leader boards just by playing more games. Remember to have your eyes in achieving top rank as rankings have corresponding points attached to it. The higher rank you are in, the higher the points you can get.

4. The top 3 players who are part of the weekly leader board rankings will receive USD80, USD50 and USD20 respectively.

5. The 10 players who will be part of the final European and Asian leader board rankings will receive bonus prizes corresponding to their total accumulated points during the entire promotion period.
Climb your way to the top of the leader board rankings every week and you can win as much as USD800!

If you want to know more about this amazing tournament promotion visit Dafa888 now!

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