Monday, September 26, 2011

Dafa888’s Ultimate Slots Tournament

Are you ready to spice up your online betting experience?

From September to October, participate in the most anticipated online casino event in the planet, Dafa888’s “Ultimate Slots Tournament”!

Yes, you heard that right. Asia’s best online casino gives you a slots tournament that’s guaranteed to get you hooked in those reels. It’s definitely a crack that will bring you a kind of casino excitement that will make you go schizo!

What makes this tournament SO great?

IT IS FREE! Rather than paying for a tournament entrance fee, your money gets to be spent in something more worthwhile…like spinning those reels!

So how does it work? Just spin as many reels as you can!

Top 10 players with the most hands played will qualify for the preliminary leader board rankings, which will take place from September 26 to October 2. So hurry up and start climbing that leader board and you could win as much as $100 in the preliminary rounds alone!

We’re not finished though, because once you’re part of the top 10 players you are automatically qualified for the final round. This will be held from October 3 to 9, where the top 3 ranked players will not only get the lion’s share of the $1900 online casino bonus pot, but will also have the bragging rights as they are named Dafa888’s best slots players!

Playing slot games is absolutely a WHOA! Aside from the $1,900 tournament bonus pool, all players have a chance to take home the growing $3M progressive jackpot just by spinning those reels.

Why waste time? Rush your way to Dafa888 now and register for the tournament to qualify.


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